MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains why the World Health Organization says Africa should prepare for the worst. And why the continent is not prepared for what is coming. AS AT 15 APRIL 2020 there are around 16,000 known cases of COVID19 in Africa, and 880 reported deaths (source: African Arguments). There is currently no model for projecting […]

Coronavirus in India: Bollywood Must Help!

भारत में कोरोना वायरस: बॉलीवुड को चाहिए मदद COVID19 is spreading in India. It is in wealthy areas and in the slums. Hundreds of thousands of workers are now unemployed, walking hundreds of miles across India to reach home, and spreading the virus. Modi मोदी does not know how to help his people. Bollywood बॉलीवुड […]

Ten Kinds of Person coronavirus will make you Hate More

Hell is other people, as the saying goes. But with virus spreading and stress rising, there are some types that you are going to find more hellish than usual. Here MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE presents you with a sample. Panic Buyers It was only a few weeks ago when coronavirus began to be mentioned on the news. […]

स्विट्जरलैंड: बचाव कोष तथा हिन्दी सिनेमा

Bollywood films have always featured fantasy sequences, moments in the middle of the narrative where a song playsover a scene set in a beautiful location. The northern Indian region of Kashmir was a popular backdrop for these Bollywood song sequences, but political unrest in the 1990s forced Indian filmmakers to find an alternative location. Legend […]

CORONAVIRUS: Le Royaume-Uni perd la Lutte contre le Virus

CORONAVIRUS: pourquoi le Royaume-Uni ne peut pas maîtriser le virus COVID-19? La propagation du coronavirus est particulièrement rapide au Royaume-Uni. En Chine déplore 17 nouveaux décès depuis ces dernières 24 heures, l’épidémie est en train de faiblir. Un signe encourageant pour les pays, comme l’Italie par exemple, où l’on prend des mesures drastiques pour limiter la […]

CORONAVIRUS: Pourqoi est-ce que la France a échouée face au virus?

Le nombre de cas de coronavirus augmente toujours à grande vitesse dans le monde. En France aussi avec presque 3000 personnes touchées et 61 morts. Fermeture des écoles dans le pays, isolement des personnes âgées, villes les plus touchées. Mais pourquoi est-ce que la France et son gouvernement ne savent pas faire face au coronavirus COVID-19? Cliquez […]

Coronavirus: How will Hedge Fund Managers in Switzerland respond?

Matthew Feargrieve considers the opportunities and challenges that the virus presents for alternative asset managers in Switzerland With the COVID-19 pandemic representing a Black Swan event for fund managers worldwide, the onslaught of the virus will be a test of the hedge fund industry’s ability to deliver returns that are uncorrelated to the markets. In […]

CORONAVIRUS: Why the UK Government is about to Fail

Is the UK headed the way of Italy, because of government mismanagement of COVID-19? The UK Government’s approach so far to the spread of COVID-19 does not bode well for the containment of the disease in the UK. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, are determined to keep […]

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