भारत में कोरोना वायरस: बॉलीवुड को चाहिए मदद

COVID19 is spreading in India. It is in wealthy areas and in the slums. Hundreds of thousands of workers are now unemployed, walking hundreds of miles across India to reach home, and spreading the virus. Modi मोदी does not know how to help his people. Bollywood बॉलीवुड celebrities need to help!

A police cordon in the Nizamuddin muslim area of Delhi

The health ministry official report (April 2020) says that there are 1,637 cases of coronavirus in India, with 38 dead.

Corona Jihad कोरोना जिहाद

A surge in cases in Delhi has been linked to a two-day convention of the Muslim sect Tablighi Jamaat तब्लीगी जमात when 3,500 muslims gathered in the Delhi neighbourhood of Nizamuddin. Almost 2,000 stayed in the area for days afterwards. The Nizamuddin area is now a coronavirus hotspot in India.

Across Indian media and social networks, Muslims are blamed for spreading the virus, and “Corona Jihad” (कोरोना जिहाद) is trending on Twitter. The have triggered a series of COVID19 clusters across India. Health officials are now searching for them.

The muslim gathering मुस्लिम समूह has caused a spread of the virus across numerous states in India, from Kashmir to West Bengal by those who returned home afterwards. So far, 10 people who attended the event have died while 1,800 people have been sent to nine hospitals and quarantine centres.

At least six regions have reported cases that can be directly traced to the two days congregation at the Nizamuddin Mosque मस्जिद.

Delhi officials are now clearing the mosque मस्जिद where more than 1,000 people have been stranded since the government imposed a lockdown last week.

They are among some 300 people who showed symptoms and have been moved to various hospital to be tested. Another 700 have been shifted into quarantine centres.

COVID19 in the Slums मलिन बस्तियों में

The first coronavirus case has been confirmed in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum, which is India’s largest and is home to almost one million people living in close quarters.

But the government is in denial about the spread of coronavirus in India. Lav Agarwal, an Indian government official in the health ministry, insists there is still no community transmission in the country.

Mass Migration

The virus outbreak in the cities has caused employers and householders to throw out their domestic staff. Hundreds of thousands of workers are now walking all over the country, to try to reach their villages and families.

After Modi declared a national curfew, these people have been beaten with sticks by the police, and sprayed with disinfectant.


Bollywood Must Help बॉलीवुड मदद करनी चाहिए
बॉलीवुड और कोरोनावायरस

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